The Best Safety Tips when traveling to Warsaw

Violent crime almost doesn’t exist, so you can try to learn a few words, even though the array of vowels combinations may be intimidating: it could help you break the ice, but don’t get discouraged if your pronunciation makes them have fun. The capital is a popular place to visit, but in order to stay away from some of the local dangers of Warsaw, there are areas that should be avoided such as some parts of downtown, and there are people you’ll want to keep your eye out for as they hang around on certain bus lines that connect to tourist-heavy streets, so be careful if you’re riding around.


Tap water is safe to drink, in line with European Union regulations; however older generations still approach this fact with a pinch of salt, which is why asking for a glass of tap water will earn you a weird glance. Men should not carry wallets, those using backpacks should be sure that they are locked while they are on their, and going out alone should be avoided at night altogether, as the district near the Vistula River is dangerous as it is a remote one. If you’re female, kiss on a hand is a rather old school greeting, a sign of respect, even though most prefer a simple handshake and a kiss on the cheek, while three kisses are reserved for gatherings.


We wish to make your trip as cool as possible, so that you have a map of the city’s safest areas, as well as some useful travel advice, even though overall, Warsaw is a safe city, but as in any other touristic capitals in the world pick pocketing is popular. Don’t ask people how they’re doing, as polish people rarely say things they don’t mean, and they might really want to hear all about your day, and this is why when your Polish friends greets you they expect an honest answer. The local police are likely to fine you if they see you crossing because some drivers occasionally fail to yield to pedestrians.

The most common way is when someone distracts your attention, but you are not likely to be mugged, provided you don’t accept drinks from strangers. Warsaw is a stunning city with excellent places to spend some great moments, so you could find a local charming and smart girl if you are visiting alone, and invite her to a restaurant to find out more about the location. As a recommendation, in case you are a single man, you may hire an warsaw escort, as they are very beautiful, and clients can pay them for services such as sex or company during events, in order to have an unforgettable experience. If you haven’t visited Poland before, an escort can keep you company during the trip.


The information contained was compiled using reviews about dangers.  It’s not as cold as you think so brush up on your geography, as Warsaw is located in the transitional zone, but it may have quite cold winters.

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