Popular and Easy-to-use Accommodation Software

For clothes, there is nothing worse than buying the wrong size and feel like you’re being strangled all day long so for us, finding the right software is important because you’re wasting and money, taking you away from your customers, so even though you may think you’re getting more bangs in reality you might need some tailoring. But nobody has time to look for the right software so do not worry as below, we found software that will work specifically for you, which combines number of users, and social platform popularity.


  1. Cloudbeds

Cloudbeds charges a hotel with ten rooms, billed annually, but if you’ve got 100 rooms, the price may be affected. Cloudbeds serves as an all-in-one management system that allows guests to make direct reservations through their mobile device, an all-in-one platform with lots of features, and easy to use, although it’s rather on the pricey side. It connects your property with real-time integration, making you more money and guests happier.


  1. Sirvoy

The booking engine means you can start accepting bookings within minutes, making it easy to book online, and best of all it is completely commission-free – just add the code snippet and start receiving bookings. It is an All-In-One Solution and cloud-based property management system that works for hotels, hostels and lodges, making your bookings easily accessible anywhere, aiming to be the most user friendly booking system, starting from $29/month. Today, most bookings are made through OTAs, but you can easily reach millions of guests with Sirvoy as it takes you to all the important sites and offers a solid platform that takes care of the boring stuff so that you can work when you want or keep up with work from any device, replying to guests or charging deposits.

  1. Juvo

Sometimes less is more, which is why they spent a lot of time removing unused features and what is left is a streamlined software package that is delightfully cloud based, with all the perks that come with it, such as enjoying unlimited file storage and working anywhere on any device with full functionality, while out of the office. They have the best solutions, and you can book your free demo because on average, we spend 600 hours per year reading e-mail, so if you’ve ever waited for clients to come into the office you can use Signable straight from your account, within seconds as a branded customer login area is available for your clients to record jobs and update their contact details. Easily create your account as it only takes a moment, add your properties and contacts using the simple Spreadsheet import function, and bulk import them, then simply click to activate using the Plugins section for Rightmove or OnTheMarket portals.



It is the vacation rental industry’s most easy to use software, a platform that lets you manage your entire business, unify communications and distribute your property content through a fully integrated solution where your new website can be put live in seconds.

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